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GHI is a global and independent medical service that encompasses all kinds of medical services from referring the best doctors worldwide to obtaining medical opinion, to arranging appointments and to getting treatment cost estimates. In addition, GHI among other activities can also help you find the most advanced methods of surgery and diagnostic tools in all fields such as Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery, cardiac, pleural, kidney and hepatic transplantation as well as Plastic surgery, rehabilitation and weight loss program. GHI also offers the service in finding the best medical air and ground evacuation among its network.


From experience, GHI knows that finding the right treatment for a serious illness is not a straightforward matter. A well-informed patient needs to take the initiative to research


Global Health International is to counsel, refer, and assist patients and medical institutions worldwide for novel, exclusive and cost-effective health care.

About Us

GHI is a global and independent medical service that encompasses all kinds of medical services from referring he best doctors worldwide to obtaining medical opinion

Our Services

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Medical Consulting

Counsel patients on specific health issue, including expectation of outcome & prognosis and possibilities of treatment
Offer a comprehensive search and access to the best available health care for prospective patient or its representative.

Medical evacuation

GHI will find you the best offer bedside to bedside air service transportation worldwide for all patients from the basic level of care to critical care cases among providers.
Book ground ambulance and arranging for stretcher case with suitable commercial flight.

Medical Supplies

GHI works with worldwide medical companies specializing in health care equipment. This will facilitate technology procurement and help new medical institution to have up-to-date technology at affordable prices.

The Best Practice Program

Establish on-site training within the country.Conduct hands-on education, instruction, mentoring, clinical case consultation, and lectures for hospital staff

Health Care infrastructure and Information System

GHI works with finest medical construction companies in healthcare infrastructure and design. Unlike other infrastructure, medical institution requires traditional environment that support optimal safety and security.


Building a solid foundation for the future

December 21, 2017
MRI INTERVENTIONS CLEARPOINT@ NEURO NAVIGATION SYSTEM UTILIZED IN MINNESOTA University of Minnesota Fairview Offers Real-Time MRI Guided Minimally Invasive Brain...
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December 18, 2017

Global Health International launches it’s Telemedicine app for Medical Consultation

This is a free downloadable Telemedicine application and helps you with Online doctor consultations, keeping digital medical records and health...
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November 9, 2017

Cleveland Clinic names top 10 medical innovations 2017

FHIR makes the list. As do other innovations ranging from better treatment for depression to disappearing stents. Read about all...
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