Global Health International is an independent medical service that encompasses all kinds of medical services, challenging healthcare environments who can deliver innovative service solutions, operating on a budget.

What we do

   We Build Smart Healthcare

  • build We Build
  • educate We Educate
  • improve We Improve

We Bring the Resources and the Technological to Help Build Smart Healthcare. Our work with leading internationally accredited hospitals and clinics, Ministries of Health, Ministries of Tourism, and public-private initiatives, have allowed us to help build High Quality healthcare systems with the best design responding to the international standard norms.

Our Services

Architectural Infrastructure design, Technology Integration Education & Patient Consulting



Seamles Mobile Technology Platform to Support long distance video visits, Wellnes care patient


Medical air & ground evacuation

Access to the best offer bedside to bedside air service transportation worldwide


Architechtural Infrastructure design

Build healthcare system with the best design responding to the international standard norms.



Healthcare clinical and technology integration


Medical Supplies

Medical suplies and equipment for your high performing lab and physician practice


Medical Consulting

Access to the best available healthcare for prospective patient or its representative



Quality improvement training for healthcare professionals


Medical best practice

Teaching new surgical procedures in country setting

Who we are

Higher-Quality Care Are Truly Healthy  

We Believe Higher-Quality Care Comes When Health Organizations Across Settings Are Truly Healthy. We provide the products, technology, and resources they need to operate more effectively, lower costs and improve patient health.

GHI is a group of Medical personals who have the experience and expertise to provide different Health care services from finding the right treatment for a serious illness, to counsel for a better healthcare system and better architectural infrastructure design.


Who We Serve

Smarter Decisions Delivery Networks



We help healthcare providers navigate an evolving landscape to make smarter decisions about business operations and healthcare.



We provide services that are customizable and scalable for hospitals and health systems of all types and sizes, from small rural facilities to academic medical centers to multi-site integrated delivery networks.

How We Help

Drive Positive Innovation
  • help LeaderShip
  • help Teamwork
  • help Collaboration

Improving healthcare has been a central part of our mission. Global Health International is an entity to drive positive innovation in area that have been historically underserved and less invested in but are critical for the benefit of the society.

Among The Team’s Areas Of Focus Are

  • Assist big, middle or small medical institutions to modernize its healthcare system with the latest technologies.
  • Provide quality improvement training for healthcare professionals
  • Designing a proficient healthcare infrastructure including IT operation.
  • Train hospital staff, including Admittatur, doctors, nurses, associate paramedical…
  • Help manage medical institution taking the time to learn and reproduce an adequate healthcare environment.
  • Counsel, refer and assist patients on the best medical institutions worldwide for a novel, exclusive and cost-effective health care
  • Provide knowledge in equipping medical institution with a quality medical device at affordable prices
  • Implement Best Practices
  • Provide guidance to patients on a specific health issue, including the expectation of outcome & prognosis and possibilities of treatment
  • Find the right medical evacuation including air and ground evacuation to a medical facility, medically equipped flights to return home, or the repatriation of mortal remains to your primary residence

Who We Work With

Our Missions Epicenter


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