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Global Health International Telemedicine services provide instant access to global quality care. Telemedicine enables any practice, ambulatory clinic, hospital system, or health care organization to enhance the medical care it delivers and empowers practitioners to improve patient lives and revolutionize health care industry as we know it.

Telemedicine services

  • Our strategic partnership with the leading manufacturers of Telemedicine has enabled us to find the best Telemedicine Equipment that provides more focused care to patients in a remote area where there is an insufficient medical technician. Our goal is to provide a seamless Mobile Technology Platform that uses advanced communications technologies to support long-distance Video Visits, Wellness care, Patient Education
  • Because of telemedicine, patients who previously had limited access to health care services can now see a physician without leaving their homes. Seniors who would prefer to age in place can now do so with the use of medical streaming devices. The spread of disease is reduced as individuals with contagious diseases don’t have to expose it to others in crowded waiting rooms.

How Telemedicine & E-Health Benefits Patients & Providers

  • Increased Access
    To HealthCare
  • Improved HealthCare
  • Reduced
  • Fewer In-Person

Telemedicine also benefits patients
in the following ways

Healthcare systems, physician practices, and skilled nursing facilities are using telemedicine to provide care more efficiently. Technologies that comes integrated with telemedicine software like electronic medical records, AI diagnosis, and medical streaming devices, can better assist providers in diagnosis and treatment. The latter allows providers to monitor patients in real-time and adjust treatment plans when necessary.

Better Patient Outcomes

  • A large percentage of people still lives in rural and peri-urban areas, where there is reduced access and provision of health services, which would benefit from advanced service schemes with architectures and technical support tools
  • Transportation: Patients can avoid spending gas money or wasting time in traffic with video consultations.
  • Childcare/Eldercare Challenges: Those who struggle to find care options can use telemedicine solutions.
  • Providers can also benefit from increased revenue. By utilizing telemedicine, physicians can see more patients without the need to hire more staff or increase office space.

We’re people who believe in the power of telemedicine to save lives, save money, and improve healthcare. Our mission is to make telehealth in underserved countries an everyday experience, and we’re committed to helping our partners succeed at this

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