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Global Health International

Comprehensive Search & Access To The Best Available HealthCare

Our mission is to finding world’s best and trustworthy medical destinations, the top facilities, doctors and specialists around the world. From finding the best doctors worldwide to obtaining medical opinion, to arranging appointments and to getting treatment cost estimates.

Our Medical consulting services includes

  • Counsel patients on specific health issue, including expectation of outcome & prognosis and possibilities of treatment
  • Offer a comprehensive search and access to the best available health care for prospective patient or its representative.
  • Monitor treatment and all forms of health care delivery during hospital or ambulatory treatments
  • Monitor physicians or other health care providers for quality of care and cost-effectiveness
  • Organize and monitor follow-up controls close to the home of the patients in any location (office, travel, vacancy)
  • Establish comprehensive databases on various aspect of health care providers. GHI offers numerous services focusing exclusively for the benefit of prospective patients.

A 30 minutes video conference is possible to schedule with Dr. Azzedine Stambouli to express medical concerns by sending an email mentioned above

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