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Global Health International.

Best Practice is on Transferring Medical Surgical Procedures

Global Health International Best Practices training program has been developed to coach and transfer new technologies to healthcare professionals including Doctors, Surgeons and nurses.

Our focus on teaching Best Practice is on transferring medical surgical procedures through US licensed surgeons to local professional physicians and Staffs in most advanced methods of surgery and diagnostic tools in all fields such as Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery, cardiac, pleural, kidney and hepatic transplantation as well as Plastic surgery, rehabilitation and weight loss program.



Our Best Practice Services includes

  • Establish on-site training within the country.
  • Conduct hands-on education, instruction, mentoring, clinical case consultation, and lectures for hospital staff.
  • Educate physicians and Registered Nurses on contemporary patient care and new treatment protocol technologies.
  • Develop and standardize equipment and supply selection for patients.
  • Develop treatment parameters and protocols, as appropriate to the site, to improve patient outcomes and educate staff on the use of these protocols.
  • Develop infrastructure for patient transport and health emergencies/code training.
  • Implement standardized infection prevention protocols.
  • Engage in mentoring, clinical case consultation, educational lectures for hospital staff and quality reviews of clinical services and systems.

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